Colorado Healthy Beef

Cwm Ceffyl Ranch LLC raises Texas Longhorn cattle.   Texas Longhorns genetically produce lean, low cholesterol, high omega 3 beef.  We sell beef directly to the consumers on Colorado's front range that is all grass fed.  The animals are not given preventative antibiotics or growth stimulants.  The lean beef is available by ordering a whole beeve, a side, or a quarter.  Generally available also is ground beef in one pound packages.  

Current pricing:
Whole beeves: $3.19 per lb. "on the rail" plus processing fee.
Sides: $3.29 per lb. "on the rail" plus processing fee.
Quarters $3.39 per lb. "on the rail" plus processing fee
Ground Beef $7.00 per lb. in 1 lb packages.  Processing fee included in this price.

To order, call ranch owner Chuck Hughes at 303.243.1130 (mobile) or 303.621.9140 (house).
Prices are subject to change without notice.
We are working on the ability to ship small orders via Fed Ex or UPS.   Inquires on this are welcome and we will try get an order sent out.

Soon to be added to this page will be downloadable price lists and our cut sheet in .pdf format.